Sal Leaf Bowls

7.5″ inch, 6″ inch, 5″ inch, 3.5″inch

Available Size

7.5″ inch, 6″ inch, 5″ inch, 3.5″inch

Three Layered Sal Leaf Bowls

For added strength so that you can pile up the plate with food.

Unique and aesthetic appeal

Sal leaf Bowls have a rustic and natural appearance that adds an aesthetic touch to any event or occasion. They can enhance the presentation of food and create an eco-friendly ambiance.

Supports rural economy

The production of sal leaf plates often involves local communities in rural areas. By choosing sal leaf plates, you contribute to the livelihoods of these communities and promote sustainable practices.


Eat Throw And Grow

We have flower seeds on our plates. If you eat it and throw it in Soil, then the flower plants will grow.

The benefits

Basic nature plates can be used at weddings, birthday parties, or corporate parties. Basic Nature plates can be easily eaten by keeping them in hand. These plates are completely biodegradable.

Why Basic Nature ?

In the business since 2019, Basic Nature is a Jharkhand a based organization that is instrumental in manufacturing and supplying the finest quality Sal leaf bowls and Sal leaf plates. In the business since 2019.

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Can we eat hot food in this plate?

Yes, you can eat/serve hot food. it’s completely safe.

How long do these plates not get destroyed?

If you keep it air tight then it will be good for 1 year.

Is plastic used anywhere in this?

No, our product is plastic free and 100% biodegradable. Other brands use plastic between the lead and cardboard layer, defeating the purpose of biodegrability and your health. We use biodegradable glue.

Is this plate water resistant?

Sal leaf plates are generally water-resistant to some extent, owing to the natural properties of the sal leaf material.

Can we eat food in this plate by keeping it in hand?

Yes, it is, you can easily hold the plate full of gravy in your hand.

How to buy

You can buy our product in bulk or retail